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If you require assistance with registering or have a question about compliance please contact 0203 225 5577

Registration Process

Urgent Nursing has moved to an online registration process instead of forms to simplify and speed up the registration process.

This portal gives you control of the information stored on the system and provides visibility of your current registration status.

You have already completed the minimum details required to start the registration process and confirmed your account. We review every registration request and will keep you informed throughout the process.

Stages of Registration

  1. Candidate Registers on Website
  2. Urgent Nursing Reviews Registration Details
  3. Based on the Information you have provided your Compliance requirements will be assigned to your account. For each requirement you must upload or complete the online form provided.
  4. Once all requested Compliance information has been provided it will be audited by our compliance team. You may be required to attend a meeting so that we can verify documents where originals must be seen and/or for face to face interview.
  5. On succesfull completion of the audit you are ready to start!!


If you are a full time agency worker you can use the availabilty screen to let us know when your are available for work

If you are substantive staff you can use the availabilty screen to let us know when you would like some extra shifts outside of your normal place of work


Depending on your Job Role compliance can very from a very basic "Right to Work" check through to 40 or more individual requirements

The Compliance tool not only allows us to register you it will also maintain your compliance requirements. Items like DBS checks that expire after a period of time will be notified to you 30 days before expiry giving you plenty of time to renew and prevent any interuption in your working pattern

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For assistance in the registration process please contact

If you require assistance or have a question about compliance please contact 0203 225 5577

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If your booking is with a client that requires an online timesheet to be completed then it will appear in the timesheets screen

This may also require uploading an image of the paper timesheet. The easiest was to do this is take a photo of the timesheet with your smartphone and send it to yourself